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In person / via zoom

During the sessions we work together to meet your goals. Then you will have a wonderful trance either sitting or reclining. You won't be expected to disclose any unhappy experiences during the consultations.
These sessions can be undertaken online and are as effective as face to face.
Please ensure you have attended an initial consultation before booking hypnotherapy

Book Here for a Face to Face Hypnotherapy
Book Here for Online Hypnotherapy



In person / via zoom

This one off stop smoking session lasts up to 2 hours. and will include a beautiful trance and an MP3 to listen to at home .
Occasional text or telephone contact is available for a period of 2 weeks afterwards for advice
As this session takes longer please use the contact form -please ensure you check your spam/junk email if you don't receive a reply
Online booking is not available. Please use the contact form for details



The signature breathwork session includes:

* A brief explanation of the nervous system and what is happening when we feel stressed, anxious and disconnected with ourselves ‘emotional dysregulation’.

*How we can recover from unhelpful thoughts and feelings; bring clarity to our minds.

*A breath assessment to ensure you maximise your breathing and to understand posture and how we hold ourselves affect our ability to breathe effectively.

Instruction on breath techniques

*When you are comfortable you will have a guided breathwork session lasting about 30 minutes. You may wish to set an intention or think of some affirmations.

Master class

Includes to above and a weekly session mastering different breathwork techniques total 4 weeks.-Email for details

Group breathwork classes

Small groups of up to 8 people initially face to face or online via zoom and will remind the clients to use their diaphragm, explain the breathing techniques and ensure everyone is comfortable or give alternatives if unable to breathe or hold for so long.

Complimentary telephone call

If you wish to explore your options Karina is happy to arrange a free telephone call to establish how she may help you and what you would like to achieve. Here she will explain how the process works and what to expect or you can book directly.

Consent and confidentiality

Everything you say is confidential unless you say something that suggests you or others are at risk of harm in which case Karina would discuss my concerns with you.

For More information email

For the 1st Breathwork session  Book Here


For follow up Breathwork sessions Book Here

For small group sessions including 2 or more people please use the contact form or email

Please note payment is taken at the time of booking using a secure site





Email: to assist with booking difficulties or payment queries






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