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And the results are in..see how you can lose weight without dieting

Its now a couple of weeks since the first small group weight management programme finished and the feedback is great

Clients state that they are increasing their healthy food intake-5 fruit and veg a day. Exercise is feeling easier, they are feeling relaxed and of course they are seeing the weight dropping off.

So what works..?

Understanding how our brain works in relation to stress, anxiety, depression and importantly why we make the decisions we do about eating.

Why do we eat? We eat-because we are hungry-and this is a good reason. We also eat when we are feeling stressed and anxious. Our brains perceive that we are going into battle when we are stressed and so encourages us to eat in anticipation of needing extra calories for the ‘battle’. This isn’t the only reason we eat extra unhealthy food. When we eat chocolate, we produce dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which makes us feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. We however do not need to eat unhealthy food to feel good about ourselves.. This fun picture shows the complexity of why we eating and is explained during the programme.

The weight management programme explains this and so much more thus enabling clients to make the right choices for them. Each week of the 5 week weight management programme has a flexible schedule to guide the consultation including what’s been good, revision about how the brain works which relates to the discussion with the clients. Sometimes we use some neuro-linguistic programming techniques to support the important changes to make better choices. We then discuss possible solutions to meet the client’s goals whatever they may be..

The trance at the end of each session is personalised to suit the client following the consultation enabling them to make incredible changes and an MP3 to listen to each night

Learn about how cortisol and stress influences our eating habits with the solution focussed weight management programme. The programme can be a small group or one to one. If you are ready to lose weight and feel happier and healthier without the commitment of a diet contact Karina JB Hypnotherapy to discuss a plan that suits you

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