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Hypnotherapy for sports improvement and other goals 1.Stress

Updated: May 18, 2021

Understanding your stress can help with weight management, sporting achievement and general mental health and happiness. Resilient stress, eustress or chronic stress. What is the difference? Resilient stress is adapting to a trauma or adversity and is essential to our survival.

Eustress is a positive stress that we have when we are eager to train or compete or just get a job done..It is good stress.There is a rise in cortisol levels which drop once the event or goal is achieved.Chronic stress is unhealthy and cortisol levels remain high and this can lead to weight gain and tends to increase extra padding around around our abdomen.It also has an adverse impact on our heart health.It is unhelpful in our training or when competing. When we train for an event or just exercise it is important that our eustress does not turn into 'distress' which can lead to chronic stress and has an unhealthy impact on our bodies and our sporting achievement. Managing how our rational intellectual mind (pre frontal cortex) and our often irrational mind(limbic system) behave enables us to ensure we have the correct stress at the correct level to achieve our sporting goals.Psychology with clinical hypnotherapy can enable you to manage your stress and address or prevent distress/chronic stress to improve your sporting goals.

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