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Thinking about a new slimmer and content you?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

  • Thank you so much. I am so grateful for everything you have done for me these last few weeks.

  • Thank you-You are making a tremendous difference in my life.

  • 32 lengths Sunday, 32 last night (swimming) I feel fantastic!

  • My uniform almost fits(one week in)

  • I have shelves full of diet books I don't need.

  • I'm only eating when I'm hungry

  • I've had cake in the house (uneaten) and I feel in control

The weight management programme has started off on a really positive note for my clients. So far one client has 'graduated' and another is on her way to completing the 'kick start' to weight management.

The weight management programme is not a diet. It is a programme to enable you to think intellectually (mindfully) about the food and drink that you put inside you and therefore enabling you to make the right choices for you. The programme facilitates choices around moving more and exercising to suit you. The programme is a solid start to a healthier, happier attitude and so a new slimmer, healthier thinking you.

One of the clients showed me a photo of the high calorie food they had declined in their lunch bag since the programme had started the programme.....similar to below

Life can be very stressful and made worse by negative thinking 'What if?' 'I can't', 'People will judge me', 'I'm a stress eater-I have to eat when I'm stressed', I'll never be able to...

Our mind believes what we tell it. Solution focused hypnotherapy gently challenges negative thinking and helps you turn your unhelpful thinking into a positive 'I can, I will' way of thinking and so remove those blocks from your progression in your weight management journey. The added bonus is a happy content mind as well.

One client who has helped me with my hypnotherapy training improved their sleep with trance, flipped their unhelpful (to them) attitude and halted their negative overthinking mind. They only required a few additional sessions and now they have dropped over a stone in weight and are well on their way to their target weight. As they have changed their thinking and they are sleeping better they no longer need regular hypnotherapy to reach their goals as the changes to their thinking have now been reinforced through solution focused therapy and trance. They started a while before this graph and has made steady progress since.

Being an unhealthy weight is so much more than the food and drink that you consume. If we are stressed and anxious our brain perceives that we are going into battle and encourages us to fuel for such a scenario. High stress levels increase cortisol which has an important role in our bodies, too much however leads to extra padding around our middles! If we manage the stress in one's life our brains are content and so encourage us to fuel when we are hungry and provide nutrition but no more.

There is more information in the packs that I send out each week as part of the weight management programme. I do not ask you to be accountable to me for your weight reduction (although I love to hear about your successes) . I don't ask you to weigh or measure and I don't tell you how to reduce your weight. We work together to help you find your solutions using evidence based solution focused brief therapy to achieve your weight reduction goals and any other goals you may have.

The information packs contains evidence based information and also includes some techniques which the client may like to use or have done with them to help them on their way along with trance such as anchoring and swish techniques.

Karina JB Hypnotherapy will support you to achieve any of your goals using solution focused brief therapy and personalised trance

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