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Why Breathwork?

Breathwork..why would you book 1 to 1 breathwork?

So you may feel constantly worried, unable to eat, stomach churning. It may be you've identified that you feel anxious most of the time.

What happens in a 1 to 1 breathwork session?

I explain the nervous system, especially the vagus nerve, in simple terms and how this relates to the symptoms of anxiety.

Next is the breathing assessment -This involves you putting you hand on your belly and the other on your chest to see and help you identify how you breathe and give you some advice on how to correct any 'dysfunctional' breathing patterns.

Breathwork Practice

Following this I will discuss the patterns that may suit you, and we practice them.If a breathing pattern really doesn't suit you, I will start with a different pattern until you are ready to practice the other pattern. This is the great thing about 1 to 1 breathwork as I can personalise it.

Personalised Breathwork Session

After this, we will start the 'breathwork' practice, set some intentions or affirmations and start to bring some positive feelings into your mind. During the session I will intermittently assess your breathing and guide you depending on your pattern and what you would like.

Duration of sessions

This may be broken down over a few sessions as we may spend more time focusing on techniques.


The result is optimal breathing and patterns to use day to day when there are frustrations or periods of anxiety so aligning your mind and body (your sensible part of your brain wants to feel calm yet your limbic system if it perceives danger will trigger fight or flight and rapid breathing commences . The breathing patterns stimulate the vagus nerve, slows your breathing and elicits a feeling of calmness. This then to brings it all together in alighnment)

Breathwork is avaialble online or face to face and MP3s are available free with the breathwork session

Booking via and opens 1st October 2023

Use contact form for more information or to discuss bespoke corporate wellness and retreats.

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